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Another Monday..

So as any working mother (of 3) will know a Sunday night/Monday morning is usually chaos (unless you are super organised!) It's all about making sure uniforms are clean and ironed, packed lunches ready, homework done (including the work they didn't tell you about), shoes polished etc. and that any instruments, ingredients for food studies etc. are ready, Exhausted before I even walk into the office building, but would I change it? Not in a heartbeat! ? Can you have a successful career and be a mother? YES! Fortunately T-Systems Limited are very supportive of working parents with flexible working opportunities. Is it hard? Yes sometimes! Is it worth it? For me - absolutely! I think I am a better person for being able do to both. When it's hard I remind myself that I am a good role model for my children. Fortunately my husband works from home so they also benefit from time with him walking to and from school.
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