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Last night I chaired the first post MBA (Master in Business Administration) book club. This idea was the brainchild of myself and two friends in a bar in Japan whilst on the International Business Assignment part of the MBA course! We were discussing how to ensure our MBA skills remain current (the current economic life of an MBA is 3 years) and decided we would start a book club which would serve two purposes - keep our knowledge current by reading recommended management/leadership books and encourage the cohort to maintain contact. It took quite a bit of organisation to set up - recommended reading lists, rotating chair and book reviewer, and considering how best to manage the number of the cohort who wanted to join (25 people). In the end we decided to have a monthly webex (conference) call and then try to meet face to face at least twice a year. Anyway I managed to get it all in place and we had a really productive hour last night reviewing our first book "The Rise of the Robots" by Martin Ford. It provided an interesting insight into the potential impact of automation on the economy. I have already ordered the next book on our reading list and look forward to reading it...If you want to expand your knowledge why don't you start your own book club...
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