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Agile Project ManagerCredit Suisse
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Kaildo, Engineer in Test

I joined this start-up company in London straight out of university in Dublin into their graduate program which started me out as a Software Engineer in Test responsible for automating all the tests that ensured the software we were delivering was of high quality. It was an amazing place to start my career, I made lots of friends and learnt lots about software delivery, particularly because it was a pretty small company.

Kalido, Software Engineer

After a year as Engineer in Test I moved in to the software development team and started using java, c# to add features to the data warehouse system we had built. After 3 years, I was made redundant which was a difficult change for me but actually forced me to move on and try some new challenges.

Temporary role at a social network start-up

While looking for my next career move, I did some temporary development work in Ruby to keep myself busy and helped build a social networking application.

Support Engineer, Tradeweb

This was my break in to the financial industry. It was a bit of a daunting move, but the work sounded interesting and it was a great role. Turned out to be very high stress as it was 1st line support to traders. It was tough and challenging and I generally really enjoyed it, especially the team I worked with, but I found the shifts and the high stress, especially with a very difficult manager too much and decided to move on.

WPF Developer, Credit Suisse

Some ex-colleagues from Kalido had joined Credit Suisse so I joined a small team there as a C# developer using WPF. We were building a .NET framework for the developers within the bank to help them rapidly build out their own applications sharing and re-using components across the bank. It was pretty innovative at the time. Here I learnt all about working for a large organisation which is very different to my previous roles and I also started to pick up some project management skills, in particular our team got some one to one coaching to become an agile team - which is a way of delivering software and maximising success and happiness of the team.

Maternity - 1 year

I had my first baby and took a year off work to enjoy time with her and make the most of the time.

Scrum Master, Credit Suisse

I returned to my old department and worked a scrum master for a number of projects that the team was responsible for. This mostly involves helping the developers to concentrate on the highest priority work and ensure that they are always delivering value while keeping quality of the software high and identifying ways to improve.

Maternity - 10 months

I had a second baby and took 10 months off this time.

Agile Project Manager
Credit Suisse

My current role is working as an agile project manager for Core Engineering, which is part of Global Markets Technology. We provide various software services to the developer community that is part of Global Markets - a business unit within Credit Suisse. Because we don't work for any specific business users, but rather the whole developer community as a whole we focus on trying to provide best practices, trying out new technologies, helping other teams to improve the way they work. We cover a wide range of technologies and the team is made up of some very smart developers. I work with the developers and the senior managers to decide what we should be working on, make sure everyone is able to do the work they need to do and help communication between the different team members and other groups. We have about 20 of us in our team spread across London and Pune.

I've enjoyed all my jobs along the way for different reasons. I think my favourite job was probably my first one because I really enjoyed working for such a small company and getting to know all about the software industry.

I was born and grew up in Ireland before moving to London to take up my first job after university. I am the mother of 2 beautiful children and I spend my time now juggling time at home with them as well as time at work. It's challenging but I really enjoy my job and want to continue my career and I think it's a good example to set my kids so it's absolutely worth it. 

English, Irish
Information technology IT / ICT

Don't do anything just for the money, do what you love and find a way to make a career out of it.
Study hard, and sometimes jump in to the unknown, you never know what you might find out about yourself and your skills.
Don't be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up, or to sometimes take backwards steps to move forwards.
Be humble, don't think "I'm too good for this".
Ask lots of questions. I never ask enough!

Technology, computers and programming
My Education
Computer Science Bachelor's Degree
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland
French, Mathematics, Physics
Gaelcholaiste Chiarrai

I have always made a point of choosing subjects that I really enjoy which has made my journey much easier along the way. We end up spending so much time studyingworking in these areas that it's really important to enjoy what you are spending your time reading up on.
While it was difficult going to a university in a different city from where I grew up, and then again moving to London when I finished university these challenges really helped me grow as a person and learn about new places and improve my confidence. I have many happy memories from each period of my life.

More about me

Communication, technical skills, mathematics, personal skills, curiosity, presentation skills

Training courses to developer particular technical skills and presentation skills
Regular sessions like Toastmasters

I always wanted to work in IT. My parents were both lecturers in technical subjects and it seemed a very natural fit.

I'm not sure there's anything I'd change... I've enjoyed all the different roles I've done, and even when they haven't been right for me I've learnt from them and moved on.

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