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Camilla Honey
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Business OwnerJFDI, London
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Assistant to Director, Valin Pollen, London

I loved this job, it was where I first learnt about New Business. I started off as a PA working to a Director and read everything I could. I was ambitious and after working very hard for 3 years was promoted up to an Assistant at quite a young age.

PR Executive, Golley Slater, London

I didn't particularly enjoy client handling in PR. It was the only time in my whole career that I worked Client Side. But it was good that I had made the jump out of being a PA to an Executive role.

Marketing, Euro Disney, Paris

I moved to France for a year and learnt to speak French and experience life.

Assistant to CEO & New Business Manager

I loved the New Business Side part the job but not so much the Assistant to the CEO side. I also managed the small team of Assistants and I didn't enjoy the management as much as winning new clients.

New Business Manager, JWT London

This was a fantastic and buzzing job and when I really started to enjoy my work.

Freelance New Business Consultant

Companies: Howell Henry, Michaelides & Bednash, Chime I love the variety of working in different companies and sharing the new business knowledge I had learnt. I also started my family. "

Business Owner
JFDI, London

Helping Marketing Communication Agencies Win More New Business JFDI helps agencies fill pipelines convert pitches and grow business.

We have an office in London and I commute 3-4 days a week. It is quite a journey, but life is a choice and when we get home we have beautiful surroundings and plenty of space! However, it takes me 2.5 hours door to door to get to work. The train journey is good for getting on top of emails.

Business and family absorb most of my time at the moment but when I have spare time I love food and wine, walking and going to the gym. I also love reading business books.

I play an active role in our village community and we support the House of St Barnabas, a member’s club with a charitable status that supports the homeless.

Marketing, advertising and public relations PR

Better to do 80% today than 100% tomorrow.
It's okay to fail, just get started.

My Education
Langhams to Secretarial & Business College
London, England
Biology, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, Economics
Heathfield School Ascot

I was a boarding school so it was pretty boring being at school at the weekend. I enjoyed being in 6th form as you are able to be your own person.

More about me

People Skills
Sales and Marketing - deep specialism required
Courage and strength

Attended training courses
Read business books
On the job experience

I didn't know but did know I wanted to run my own business from about the age of 18. So just after leaving school.

Not use my own money to fund a start-up business. Be less of a perfectionist in the early years.

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