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Donna Thompson
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Contract ManagerT-Systems Limited
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I started work as an admin assistant for a haulage company

This involved scheduling lorry deliveries, managing stock levels and dealing with the lorry drivers. An interesting and varied role but I still hadn't found my way to what I wanted to do....

I moved on to work as a sales assistant

This job was interesting, dealing with lots of people and here I was exposed to different careers and decided I wanted to study law whilst continuing to work.

Focused on studying law

I had a number of admin type jobs while I continued to study

Legal Assistant

Eventually I found my way to T-Systems, working as a Legal Assistant dealing with all departments in the company and working on a number of different contracts while completing my legal training and finally qualifying as a lawyer,


I was responsible for negotiating customer and supplier contracts for an energy firm and stayed in this role for 5 years.

Claims Manager - T-Systems

I headed back to T-Systems to take up a different role of managing claims in a very large contract

Contract Manager - HP

I left briefly to work at HP developing my contract management skills further

Contract Manager
T-Systems Limited

Back to T-Systems to land in my current (best) role. I manage a large customer contract, dealing with legal and contract queries every day and supporting an account team in dealing with the customer.

My current job is my favourite job! It took me a while to find my way to here but I have gained lots of experience along the way. I love this job because I am able to use all my legal training and experience but also to get involved in the commercial and business aspects of the company. Plus I work with a great team!

I live in Buckinghamshire with my family and two dogs, a cat and a hamster!  I love spending time with friends and family and walking for miles with the dogs - being outside gives me lots of energy.

My daughter is ten and I enjoy being a good role model to her about what a person can achieve through hard work - she sees the struggle I sometimes have to balance work and non-work and how great it can be when it all balances properly.  She understands that I can't always be there for all her school events and she is proud of me for doing the job I do.  I'm proud of her for all her ambition and plans for her future and am determined to support her and her peers in reaching for their goals.


English, French
Information technology IT / ICT

My advice is no experience is wasted! Even if you do a job you don't like, do it in a way to make you feel proud and use it to move forward. Always strive to be happy (in work and in life).

My Education
College of Law
Guildford, UK
Biology, Business Studies, Drama, English Language, English Literature, French, German, ICT, Mathematics, Politics, Current events
Sir John Lawes School, Harpended

I liked most things about school - I loved learning. I disliked some of the rules (who doesn't?) but looking back, they all made sense...

More about me

The ability to communicate is key - both in writing and orally. This is key as I sometimes have to explain difficult legal arguments to people in a simple way - I use examples a lot of the time to help show what I mean.
It's also important to be able to read huge amounts of information and sum up the key points to be able to quickly get to the heart of the matter

I studied law whilst working full time and had great support from people at work. In every job I try to find a mentor, someone whose work approach inspires me and who I can learn from.

I wanted to be a journalist or an author. I've still not given up on being an author - writing is something I do in my spare time at the moment.

On one hand I wish I had focused more on law at an early age as I enjoy it so much and it was a struggle working and studying together however taking the route I have taken has led me to being here and now and happy so really, no regrets!

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