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Gemma Parker
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Wellbeing and Inclusion ManagerBritish Airways, London
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Trainee Solicitor, Taylor Wessing, London

I trained to be a lawyer over a two year period. This was hands-on training, learning skills and gaining experience in four different departments, whilst being supervised by a qualified lawyer. A trainee lawyer learns how to apply the law and advise clients whilst being supervised by a qualified lawyer. This usually takes place over a two year period and there are opportunities to learn more about different areas of law.

Employment Lawyer, Taylor Wessing, London

I advised employer clients on the law and its impact on what they wanted to do and employee clients on their employment law rights. Some of the work was to help employers comply with employment law and avoid running into difficulties with employees (for example, preparing employment contracts and drafting policies), sometimes it was to help employers get things right, (for example redundancies and disciplinary issues) and sometimes it was to help them defend claims (for example discrimination and unfair dismissal claims).

Professional Support Lawyer, Linklaters, London

I supported a team of lawyers, helping them to better perform their roles by providing legal updates, training and information and materials for clients. A professional support lawyer is usually a subject expert who helps lawyers work more efficiently and effectively by developing documents (like contracts) that can be easily adapted for each client, keeping everyone updated on important changes to the law, preparing materials to help lawyers explain ideas to clients, and carrying out research and training.

HR Manager (Employee Relations and Policy), Linklaters, London

I helped develop policies and practices that contributed to a positive relationship between employees and their managers. The main project I worked on was to create initiatives to make everyone in the firm aware of its culture and values and how they could contribute.

Wellbeing and Inclusion Manager
British Airways, London

I find new ways we can increase the diversity of the people working at BA, and help everyone to be themselves and perform at their best in their working life. Our team help people working for BA to understand the benefits of working with lots of different people, including men and women, people from different backgrounds, of different races and ethnicity, and of different sexual orientations. We run initiatives to encourage greater diversity as well as looking for opportunities to help people do the best work they can for BA by looking after their wellbeing.

English, French
Air Transport

It is important to study subjects you enjoy but there is no need to be set on one career path. It is possible to change roles/careers and can be a very enjoyable thing to do. The skills and experience you learn in one job will not be wasted as you can always transfer these to other roles.

My Education
Law with French Law (Degree (without Honours))
University College London
London, United Kingdom
Legal Practice Course (Graduate Diploma)
College of Law
London, United Kingdom
English Language, French, Geography
Guilsborough Secondary School
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No, but the skills and experience I gained as a lawyer (which I did want to do) have helped me to change careers now.

I was very keen to be a lawyer.I would have found out more about all the different jobs people do.

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