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Helen Redfern
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Senior Project Manager/ Business Analyst in Group Operations Solutions (GOS) - Architecture, Strategy and InnovationCredit Suisse
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Various roles in the Continental European Service Centre, Credit Suisse

Used German and French language skills to buy and sell investment funds for European clients. Trained and supervised team. Worked with the team and IT to improve systems and processes. Co-ordinated department-wide projects.

Technical Project Specialist and Training Co-ordinator in Trade Settlements, Credit Suisse

Worked with the team and IT to implement changes to systems and processes. Co-ordinated training across the department.

Assistant Manager in Trade Settlements (along with previous project/training role), Credit Suisse

Managed small team settling FX and Money Market trades. Liaised with trading desks and counterparty banks to resolve issues.

Senior Analyst in Trade Settlements, Credit Suisse

Investigated and resolved issues to enable timely settlement of trades (e.g. where we pay cash to a counterparty bank and receive back securities). Liaised with counterparties, clients and trade support.

Project Manager/ Business Analyst in Strategic Change Group - Client Assets

The Client Assets team ensures that client assets (cash and securities) are kept separate from the bank's assets, and produces regulatory reports.
1) I worked with the team and IT to understand and document required changes to the system, and coordinated many testing activities and system implementations.
2) I helped set up a large program to build a brand new system. I investigated what data was needed in the system (e.g. for clients, accounts, products), documented these requirements and coordinated the test planning for the whole system.

Project Manager/ Business Analyst in Strategic Change Group - Transaction Reporting

The Transaction Reporting team produce regulatory reports on the trades that have been dealt each day by the Front Office.
I worked with the team and IT to understand and document required changes to the system, I coordinated testing activities and performed analysis into system issues.

Senior Project Manager/ Business Analyst in Group Operations Solutions (GOS) - Architecture, Strategy and Innovation
Credit Suisse

Architecture looks at how everything (systems, processes, functions) fits together and works towards improvement strategies - e.g. for tasks to be performed just once rather than multiple times across multiple systems. Projects are often large and multi-year. My role is mainly project-management but in previous roles I also performed analysis and came up with solutions to issues. I have a friendly and helpful team and a supportive manager who gives me the flexibility to manage my own time. My working hours are reasonable as a rule. Through the many extra-curricular activities at the bank (e.g. running, charity-work, social events) I have met lots of fun and interesting people in this role. I've learnt a lot both on the job and through training courses and have also obtained 2 professional qualifications (in Project Management and Business Analysis).

Current job

My day-job doesn’t really meet my teenage dream but I enjoy the variety, organising and co-ordinating activities, learning new things and working with intelligent people.

I pack my free time with things I am passionate about: I walk dogs at my local RSPCA at the weekends and help at fund-raising events; I attend weekly Greek lessons and spend 2-3 weeks a year working at an animal shelter on the Greek island of Kefalonia; I used to teach piano fortnightly as part of the bank’s Musical Partner scheme; I am a member of the Credit Suisse choir and I steward at at least 2 music festivals every summer. 

German, Spanish, French, Greek
Accounting, banking & finance

You don’t always realise what you’re good at and what kind of work you might enjoy. There is always a job to suit everyone. Do what you enjoy, aim high and take pride in your work. If you can’t find a job that lives up to your dream then use your free time to pursue what you love doing.

Project/event management
My Education
BA Honours German and French Studies
Lancaster University
Lancaster, England
Art, Biology, Chemistry, Classics, Drama, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Physics, Computer Science and IT, Electronics , General studies, Home economics, Information technology , Music , Spanish, Woodworking
Blythe Bridge High School
More about me

Organised, attention to detail, excellent communication (all aspects), assertive, approachable, efficient, ability to work without supervision, proactive, ability to think of new and more efficient ways of working.

Training courses on:
1) 'soft skills' (presenting, communicating, managing, coaching, influencing)
2) MS Office skills: Excel, Visio, PowerPoint
3) Business Analysis, Agile
4) Project Management

Studied for and took 5 exams through work:
1) IAQ - Investment Administration Qualification (3 exams)
2) PMP - Project Management Professional
3) CBAP - Certified Business Analyst Practitioner

Took advice from managers and mentors in all roles.

I had dreamed of a career in writing, acting or music - and somehow working with animals! However, while working on a local theatre production I realised I would probably prefer working in a faster-paced environment.
At Lancaster University we had to study 3 subjects in our first year. I had booked on an English Literature 3-year course: my other subjects were French and Intensive German. At the end of that year I changed my degree to a 4-year German and French Studies course (with 1 unit of English Literature – Shakespeare) and included literature modules within both my language modules. I spent my 3rd year working in Germany in 3 colleges as an English Language teaching assistant and in 2 bars/ restaurants.
When I left uni. I considered taking a post-graduate Translation course but then found a role in an investment company using both German and French. I knew nothing about the financial world but learnt on the job and took further qualifications at work.

At uni I would have delayed the German literature module from the 2nd year to my final year; studying Goethe and other writers after only 1 year of learning the language was very challenging and time-consuming!

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