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Joana Isabel Inacio Dias
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Renewable Energy ConsultantRINA Consulting
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Research and Development Intern at the International Solar Research Center of Konstanz, Germany
Project Manager at Smartcities Network, Lisbon, Portugal
Delegations Host at Eurovision Song Contest, Lisbon, Portugal
Renewable Energy Consultant
RINA Consulting

My favorite job so far is definitely the one I'm in now, since it's exactly in line with my field of studies. Additionally, I am given the opportunity of working in several different projects around the world, from analyzing solar farms in the UK, to help develop business models for the development of solar home systems in Africa.

English, Portuguese, Spanish

Get involved! Take part in as many activities as you can, meet new people, and don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

My Education
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
Instituto Superior Tecnico of Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal
Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering
Ecole Polytechnique
Paris, France
More about me

Communication, flexibility, organisation. In my job, we work in different projects simultaneously, and often with the same deadlines, so it's important to be organised and be aware of all activities going on for each of them. I also work with people from different nationalities (Spanish, French, Indian, Mexican, etc. ) and backgrounds, so communication is key!

Always say yes (almost!). If you are given an opportunity to do something that can help you develop yourself, take it, even if you think it will be a bit uncomfortable or even awkward. I used to panic when I was required to make presentations, but after making several of them (even volunteered to!), I got over that fear.

I was never too sure on what I wanted to do. On the last day of applications to University, I still hadn't decided, and my two main choices were Environmental Engineering (the one I ended up choosing), and Psychology.

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