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Kerensa Scott
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Chair of Joint Venture CouncilVets4Pets
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Veterinary Surgeon, Parklands Veterinary Clinic

I worked as a large animal vet providing veterinary services to the farming community. This job had an on-call rota of 2 nights/weekends on-call every five. The on-call duty was extremely busy - I would often work 36hrs straight through.

Approved Veterinary Inspector, DEFRA

I visited farms to inspect livestock for signs of Foot and Mouth Disease. If the disease was found, I was responsible for culling the livestock.

Gap to travel

My boyfriend (now husband) and I took a year to travel. We travelled through Africa on a truck, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, scuba-dived and surfed. We lived out of our car for three months in Australia. I spent three months in New Zealand where I worked and snow-boarded. We spent a month in Thailand walking through mountains, visiting temples, swimming and scuba diving.

Veterinary Surgeon, Lisburn Veterinary Clinic

I was a mixed practice vet ie I treated both farm animals and pets.

Gap to have a baby

Feb 2013 - May 2013

Owner and veterinary surgeon, Carrickfergus Vets4Pets

As a Joint Venture Partner, I own and run my practice and I pay for support services from The Vet Group. I have an amazing team of vets, nurses and receptionists who all work towards my goal of providing the best veterinary care for our clients in Carrickfergus. I have a wonderful client base of lovely owners with great pets. Whilst my veterinary degree is vital for this job, I use all the skills and experience I have gained from my hobbies, out of work activities, travel and previous jobs every single day.

Chair of Joint Venture Council

I chair a group of 12 Joint Venture Partners whose role it is to provide input into the strategic direction of The Vet Group. This role involves organising meetings, setting the agenda and facilitating discussion and debate on a wide range of issues affecting Joint Venture Partners in Vets4Pets and Companion Care veterinary practices. The council acts as a conduit of information between The Vet Group and the Joint Venture Partners.

Your grades are important. However, all the other stuff is just as important ie sports, public speaking, drama, girl guides, work experience, music, meeting new and different people...

My Education
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
University of Liverpool
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Officer training
Territorial Army
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
Larne Grammar School
More about me

At school I was told I wasn't smart enough to be a vet. That was enough for me to make sure I was smart enough!

It's important to believe in yourself. Don't believe everything your teachers tell you.

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