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Kristina Shveydel
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Cyber Security Senior ManagerPwC
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Cyber Security Senior Manager

I am helping my clients to keep their information safe in a number of ways. For example, by identifying their weakest links in cyber security defences, and recommending/implementing effective solutions to protect them from the bad guys.

Helping to make this world a safer place.

I don't have to know how to code in order to do this - and neither do you!

English, Russian
Information technology IT / ICT

Find your passion, learn about the subject and make a difference with your skill!

My Education
BSc Management with Information Systems
Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, UK
MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems
MSc Information Security
London School of Economics
Royal Holloway University of London
London, UK
Egham, UK
French, Mathematics, Russian, Computer Science and IT, Critical thinking, Economics
Roedean School, Brighton

Education is a powerful tool, but nothing compares to hands-on-experience. Having studied the field of IT most of my education, I am still learning on the job every day.

The most important part is to be curious - knowledge can be acquired on the job. You don't have to have a relevant degree in order to enter the field of cyber security.

More about me

On a daily basis we work with and have to consider People, Processes and Technology in order to deliver effective solutions to our clients. Note, that technology is only one part of the three pillars.

The element I'd like to focus on is the often forgotten non-technical one. At the end of the day, we work with people: working in teams, communicating difficult messages to clients, translating technical aspects into understandable language. Soft skills is what distinguishes a great consultant from a good one!

Always stay up-to-date and keep your ears open. Be curious, ask questions, consider what-if scenarios. Did you ever wonder about the hundreds of systems behind the scenes that make it possible for your plane to safely navigate the skies, or how your data is (not) protected when you sign up to a free contest to win a trip abroad? Curiosity is the key!

I had absolutely no idea, and decided to go into what seemed like a developing and buzzing world of cyber security - probably under the heavy influence of American movies and how they portray hackers (not representative of the reality!). My daily life looks nothing of the sort, but it's great in other ways they don't show in movies.

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