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Mivy James
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Head of Consulting + Technical ConsultantBAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Guildford
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Analyst / Programmer, IBM Global Services, Farnborough

I was a computer programmer. I worked on cool IT systems, designing them, writing code and leading small software teams. I was responsible for designing and writing computer software. I was the lead developer on an air traffic control project - fascinating from a technical perspective. I also got to travel - I lived in The Netherlands for 6 months.

Technical Lead, Cambridge Technology Partner, Richmond

I was the Technical lead for software teams. I was responsible for the design of software, leading small teams of developers and writing tricky code myself. I often worked on client sites and got to live in Geneva for 6 months.

Techical Manager & Architect, Standard Life, Guildford

I was the lead designer for large software projects and also managed a team of developers. A technical architect is responsible for the "architecture" of the software i.e. how all of the bits fit together.

Head of Consulting + Technical Consultant
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Guildford

I advise clients on their large IT programmes. A technical consultant/enterprise architect advises clients on their IT programmes to ensure things run smoothly. We are often based on client site. An IT architect is like a house architect - except we design big IT systems instead of buildings. As head of consulting I have some line management responsibility for all consultants in my department, help with business strategy and also identifying solutions to sell to clients.

I was a finalist in the 2017 everywoman in technology awards

This is more about me :

Since returning to work after having my son I work 4 days a week. This gives me a good balance of challenging work and spending time with my 3 year old. 

Having the background in Computer Science has certainly helped my career from my first job onwards. The technology industry requires creative problem solving, logical thinking and good communication skills. There's always something new to learn. The industry offers great career stability and excellent salaries as there is a real skills shortage.

My Education
Computer Science & Maths (Degree with Honours (BSc Hons))
University of Manchester
Manchester, England
Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Further and additional maths
The British School of The Netherlands, the Hague
Clifton High School, Bristol
More about me

I knew I wanted to work in technology since getting my first computer aged 9. I wasn't sure what that meant until later.

Very little. I wish I had been more confident, I avoided all drama-related activities.

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