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Tracy Hurst
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Global Head of Client Services - Engineering & TechnologyAlexander Mann Solutions, London
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Scientist, Covance, Harrogate

I worked in a laboratory doing chemistry tests on medicines in order for use by dates to be set properly.

Recruitment Consultant, SRG, Leeds

I worked in Leeds and then Manchester helping scientists to get jobs and charging clients/companies a fee when I was successful.

Recruitment Manager, Hays, Macclesfield

I was a recruiter for 3 years and then became the manager of the team I was in for another 3 years.

Senior Manager of Client Services @Alexander Mann Solutions

I worked with customers all around to world and led teams who were delivering recruitment services for them. This included investment banking, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

I set up and ran the Belfast office of Alexander Mann Solutions. This was a lot of fun and involved hiring and developing people as well as making sure the office was a great place to work for people.

Global Head of Client Services - Engineering & Technology
Alexander Mann Solutions, London

I lead teams of people that are responsible for finding and recruiting the best talent for large companies around the world, especially companies who search for a lot of people with Technology and Engineering skills and experience.Our customers need thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of staff to be hired every year. We manage the process of finding and hiring people for them to fill their vacancies. We have teams of recruiters, talent sourcers, specialists and administrators supporting over 80 countries around the world in order to help our clients to hire great people when they need them.

I am originally from the south of Ireland but as an adult I have moved to England, Northern Ireland and back to England again.  I love travelling, meeting new people and seeing new things. My job has allowed me to travel and to meet people from lots of different countries around the world.  I have two children, a boy (9) and a girl (6) and live in the Midlands of England, which is a very beautiful part of the world. I decided a couple of years ago that when I retire in 25 years or so I would like to have cafe by the sea somewhere - so that I can continue to enjoy meeting new people.  

Recruitment and human resources HR

My Career Learnings - I am more successful at work if I am being myself and not trying to be someone else who I think might be better than me at the task I am trying to complete. I may ask someone for their advice, but then I will go and do it in my own way. My own perspective on things is valued and makes me unique to my employer.
My Tips - Reading helps me to get different views on things and makes me more open to change - reading has taught me that anything is possible and most things you will experience have happened to someone before so there are lessons everywhere. Always work hard but don't be the one doing all the work - it can stop you from progressing because you may become too valued at doing what you're doing.
My Advice - be curious, ask questions about things you don't know, get to know people by being interested in them and what they do - people will gladly share insights with you about their projects etc.

My Education
Applied Biochemical Sciences (Degree with Honours (BSc Hons))The benefits of the course I chose were the fun I had making new friends in an independent environment and the year out doing related work experience that came as part of the course. I also quite liked the subject.
University of Ulster
Ulster, Northern Ireland
Chemistry, English Language, French, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Irish 
St. Vincents Secondary School

I am a reflective person, so I didn't like being expected to learn something that was shared in a lesson without having time to digest the learning and think about how it could be applied. I loved being with my friends every day and being part of the school activities and network.

More about me

Listening to my clients and to my team really well makes me come up with better solutions and lead my team better. Empathy really helps me to understand others' points of view so I can approach issues from this view rather than only my own - I find ideas are more readily accepted that way. The technical skills I need relate to understanding my industry (people and talent) as well as being IT literate and keeping informed about new techniques and ways of doing things, especially as technology keeps changing things (sometimes making things harder or more complicated as well as the other way around :)).

I developed my skills by getting experience and always trying to work for someone who I looked up to and could learn from. I have had great bosses who encouraged and sponsored me to take on new tasks and projects when I asked for them. It is important to ask for new opportunities and projects because they don't usually come without asking. Meeting lots of people from around the world over the years in my job has helped me to develop listening and empathy as well as the art of clear communication (it is an art!).

I had no idea apart from thinking I might want to be a teacher. My ambitions at the time were limited by the people I knew and most grown ups I knew had similar jobs - they were mostly nurses and teachers, especially the women. It is very different now - after 17 years in recruitment I think I might know something about every job that exists on the planet (almost)..

I would ask lots more questions about the types of jobs people I don't know do to find some more ideas for what I could do as a career.

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